Lieutenant Péter

2021. 11. 04.

May the Lord preserve the good people who come to Eger.

My father wanted me to join the Benedictines. This didn't work out well. I was too weak to resist the temptations the devil placed in my way. I just could not control my limitless desire for pleasures of the flesh, nor my excessive love of wine. As a Hajdu warrior, I spent my impious, sinful youth stealing gold and cattle. During the many years I spent in the company of my soldiers, I committed many misdeeds fighting and suffering not one minor wound.  

Then one day near Hatvan, the Ottomans found us in a small wood and struck my companions down. I lay seriously wounded for two whole days and two whole nights among the dead under the trees. I turned to the Almighty God, begging for forgiveness. I was discovered half-dead by the good Christian soldiers of Eger, and they brought me to the fortress. For the past four years, I have served with great courage as a Lieutenant. Whoever merciful God may bring to Eger will soon hear my loud and eloquent voice. Your Grace will recognise me by my life-saving and trusty chain coat which I never take off, except at bedtime. I will tell you many tales of bravery and truth, courageous battles fought during the siege and all Your Grace desires.