Terms and Conditions

2021. 11. 05.

Thank you for visiting us. We hope you have an enjoyable stay. Please take your time to familiarise yourself with our Terms and Conditions. István Dobó Castle Museum (after this: Castle Museum) requires all Visitors to comply with the follwoing regulations:


-          Castle Museum admission times vary throughout the year. Information on opening hours is available at the ticket offices and information point.

-          Visitors to Castle Museum exhibitions must have a valid ticket. 

-          Daily tickets/wristbands are valid for one calendar day only.

-          Visitors must keep their tickets with them at all times. They may be checked at any time.

-          The museum cannot replace or exchange lost, destroyed or damaged tickets.

-          Tickets are non-refundable.




-          Special events or concerts may involve purchasing an additional ticket or wristband. Exceptions to this rule are free events.

-          Event organisers reserve the right to alter the date, venue or cast of a production. They also may cancel events.

-          Video recording and photographs are made at events. By attending you accept that you may be caught on camera and recordings published or use for promotional purposes.

-          All Visitors attend events at their own risk.



-          In the case of cancellation, tickets will be redeemed as follows. Should the event be organised by the Castle Museum, tickets can be refunded within 30 days after the date of the cancelled event. Refunds are only available at the Castle Museum ticket offices.

-          For events organised by an external organiser (and not the Castle Museum), please contact them directly for further information.


Safety and liability:

Eger Castle is a protected historical monument. 

-          Visitors are liable for any damage they cause.

-          Attention must be paid at all times to warning and safety signs posted in the Castle Museum area.

-          Climbing castle walls, cannons and other exhibits, throwing stones and deviating from the designated footpaths is dangerous and strictly prohibited.

-          Gaining unauthorised access to fenced-off areas is dangerous and strictly forbidden.

-          Take care of yourself and other Visitors. 

-          Avoid causing damage to buildings, equipment and facilities of the Castle Museum. 

-          The Castle Museum shall not be liable for any damage to persons or property caused by the irresponsible behaviour of Visitors.

-          Pathways in the castle are uneven, risking Visitors slipping or tripping over. Please wear closed, ankle-supporting and preferably non-slip shoes. Do not wear open and unstable shoes that do not support the foot (e.g. slippers, high heels).

-          The Castle Museum is not responsible for valuables left on its premises.


-          Visitors are expected to use the premises and external spaces for the designated purpose and avoid dropping litter. Please also take care of equipment and fixtures.


-          It is prohibited to bring any dangerous or harmful objects into the Castle Museum.


-          Smoking in the Castle Museum is prohibited outside designated smoking areas.

Food and drink:

-          It is forbidden to bring food, drink or drink into the Castle Museum exhibitions.


-          Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times, and owners must remove excrement. No animals are allowed into exhibitions.


-          You are permitted to take photographs within the Castle Museum only for your private use.

-          Commercial photography or filmmaking is subject to the prior written agreement of the Director.

Business activities:

-          No business activities can be engaged in, on-site without the prior agreement of the Director.

Drones and other devices:

-          Drones and other devices that may trouble Visitors can only be used with the permission of the Director.

Emergency evacuation:

-          In the event of an emergency (e.g. natural disaster, fire, bomb threat, etc.), the Visitor is obliged to follow the instructions of Castle Museum staff and the designated evacuation routes.

Disabled access:

-          We recommend that guests in wheelchairs access the site via the northern gate.

Building in progress:

-          The use of the required protective equipment is mandatory in construction areas.

-          Please pay special attention to the possible increase in vehicle traffic on site.


-          No parking facilities are available on-site

Expulsion of Visitors:

-          Visitors who violate the Terms and Conditions and ignore staff warnings may be expelled from the Castle Museum premises. The expulsion may be time-limited or permanent.

-          Should their behaviour have involved a breach of the law, they may also be subject to relevant legal proceedings.


The Terms and Conditions mentioned above are binding for all Visitors to the Castle Museum. Your visit is dependent on your acceptance of these rules.

We welcome you to the castle and thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

The Management of the Castle Museum