Lieutenant György

2021. 11. 04.

By the goodness of the Lord, I saw the light of day in Ipoly-Sáág in Hont County.

I later arrived in Eger. Here I witnessed the extraordinary bravery of our fine soldiers. It was then I decided to take up arms. As His Majesty's fierce Hajdu warrior, I fought many battles in the Uplands of Hungary. In the year 1552, I fought for two long days at the Battle of Palást under General Teuffel, fighting the multitudinous forces of the Buda Pasha. This onslaught of infidels so destroyed our army that I could only escape through the mercy of the Almighty Lord. I was seriously wounded in my side, and the barber-surgeon in Eger spent many weeks healing my wound. I could scarcely lift my arm either when the news came that the accursed Ottomans were now approaching Eger. My good Lord István Dobó implored me not to leave him in such peril. I fought faithfully by his side during the siege. Being well-versed in shooting, the captain entrusted me with the arquebuses in the inner part of the fortress. I served with such courage that I am still here showing the firearms used in the siege to those who may visit. You can recognise me by my haircut and my most faithful companion, my leather wine bottle.