National Mansion and Castle Programme - GINOP

2021. 11. 05.

The development of Eger castle has been financed by the project "Tourism Development of Eger Castle and Fortress System" (GINOP-7.1.1-15-2016-00009), part of the National Mansion and Fortified Castle Programme.

Ongoing work includes:

-          Building a modern reception building next to the south gate, with a new ticket office, information point, rest area and toilets.

-          Rebuilding Varkoch Gate, returning it to its late 16th-century state. The walls and roof rafters are complete, tiling of the roof is in progress.

-          Reinstating the drawbridge in its original location, together with a pit trap with spikes (trou de loup).

-          Creating a period guardroom on the upper floor of the bastion, accessible via a staircase inside the southern inner castle wall.

-          Building a new Visitor Centre underneath the Southwestern Cannon Emplacement.

-          Opening a cinema room with quality 4K films on the castle's history and the siege of 1552. 

-          Providing access to an information point showcasing the work of the National Mansion and Castle Programme.

-          Opening new facilities , including a relaxation lobby, gift shop and toilets. For families, a stroller storage area, a baby changing area and a baby momma's lounge will be available.

-          Recreating the Castle Bakery next to Dobó Bastion as it would have looked in the 16th-century including, visual elements that reflect the site's original function, including the bakery itself, kitchen and dining area.

-          Strengthening the cellar under the Castle Bakery.

Refurbishing the Prison Exhibition, providing Visitors with a basic understanding of the legal and judicial customs of the 14th to 18th centuries.