Zsófia, the Washerwoman

2021. 11. 04.

I take care of all the commander's clothing.

I rarely wash the warm outer clothing. I just give the woollen clothing a good shake or dust them off with some dry twigs.

I cut off the tufts when the clothing starts to fray.

I have just so many chores; carrying water, filling tubs, lighting fires, rinsing, wringing and hanging out the heavy wet clothes to dry.

When I wash clothes, I use homemade lye. Like to know how I make it? Let me tell you.

In my experience, your best bet is to use ash from oak or beech trees. I put this in water, stir 2-3 times and let it settle. Then I pour away the liquid, mix the residual sediment with tallow or pig fat, and boil it into washing soap.

I sprinkle pitch grass or lavender in the washing water to ward off nasty smells.