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Historical collection

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The historical collection includes written records and objects from the 16th century to the present, related to the history of Heves County, Eger and the lifestyle of the locals. The collection is divided into groups and several collection units.

Badges, medals and statuettes appear in the historical collection of objects. Relicts of the industrial lifestyle, a paper-based numismatic collection that contains emergency banknote rarities from 1848-49 and 1944-45 as well as investment fund shares, lottery tickets and stocks can also be viewed here.

Our weapon collection was created to systematise the military history of Heves County and Eger (border castle battles, Rákóczi's War of Independence, 1848-49 Revolution and War of Independence, World War I and II). A highlight of the collection is the Damascus steel ornamental sword of István Mesterházy, a major of the Heves County Guard. It is an outstanding relic of Hungary’s military history, due to its owner's role in the 1848/49 revolution.

Historical collection
Historical collection

Our collectionof historical document contains archived documents. Part of it is the historical collection of photographs with several thousand black and white and colored photo positives, several hundred black and white glass negatives and colored slides.

The historical and geographical collection of postcards contains cards Heves County settlements, Eger and various other locations of historical Kingdom of Hungary.

The poster and leaflet collection contains posters from 1919, 1944-45, 1956 as well as theatre posters. We also collect deposit copies, magazines and pamphlets.

Our historical data collection contains manuscripts, maps, drawings, copies of documents, dissertations and exhibition scripts, while our collection of printed media items includes printed media relics of the Hungarian diaspora and deposit copies of publications.