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Archaeological collection

Egri Programok

One of the tasks of the István Dobó Castle Museum – in terms of the entire region of Heves County – is the collection, preservation, cataloguing and utilisation of archaeological and numismatic relics. In the case of archeology this is mostly achieved through excavations, but field surveys and technical supervisions also yield many artifacts. This type of activity that helps to expand our collections is mostly linked to earthworks during investment projects, therefore field surveys have become an integral part of the building industry. Through field surveys the Hungarian government ensures that the relics of our cultural heritage discovered during construction works become the property of the state and that their removal is handled professionally. During the excavations everything must be documented in detail and the relics found must be cleaned, restored and taken into inventory. During evaluation many scientific tests and comparative analyses are carried out.

Excavation results usually become generally known by the public after a lengthy scientific process, but this way they become an irreplaceable source of local history. Archaeological collections are expanding quickly and form the largest collections of the museum. The István Dobó Castle Museum grouped these relics in sections of the prehistoric age, the migration period and the Middle Ages. They are accompanied by lapidariums, anthropological and zoological collections as well as data and map collections.