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Egri Programok


Indoor venues for hire:

Balassi Hall

The hall named after Bálint Balassi is located in the lower level of the gothic style Bishop Palace, and has a capacity to host 50 persons.

The torch shaped lamps mounted on the walls, the arches and the rustic furniture create a medieval atmosphere for every event.


The former guard-house of the Hyppolit Gate was restored in 2014 and by creating a gallery the building’s floor-space was increased one and a half times over. The rustic appearance of the hall connected to the castle wall creates a medieval atmosphere. The hall’s maximum capacity is 80 persons.

Dobó Bastion

The event hall of Dobó Bastion has mobile partition walls with variable arrangement options. A kitchen, separate cloakroom and bathroom connected to the hall ensure a comfortable stay for the guests. Along one side of the hall there is a natural limestone wall, which is the unique architectural feature of the bastion. The hall’s maximum capacity is 100 persons.


Outdoor venues for hire:

Blacksmiths' Tower

The tower originating from the 16th century was restored in the 1980s. The tower was fitted with a new roof. From its terrace there is a beautiful view of the city centre. It’s an unparalleled location for a romantic dinner or a marriage proposal.

Palace courtyard

The Palace courtyard is the Castle’s inner marketplace, and during the 1552 siege it was the scene of several important events. The main feature of the yard surrounded by buildings from all sides is the archway of the gothic style Bishop’s Palace built in the 1470s, which provides a spectacular background for any event.

Cannon Hill

During the 16th century sieges, the castle’s southwest foreground could be kept under fire from here. The artillerymen were protected from enemy cannon fire by gabions filled with soil. The hill was named after the national flag that used to stand here. The flag was first displayed here during 1848 war of independence. Its beautiful panoramic view makes this outdoor location extraordinary. Its capacity is 120 persons.


Turkish Garden

The recently renovated Turkish Garden is a polygon shaped barbican next to the Castle’s main gate, complete with embrasures. It was built by the Ottomans after the 1596 siege to replace a wall section that had been damaged in the siege. It became known by the locals as the Turkish Garden after a cozy garden restaurant that operated here until the 1960s. It’s an ideal outdoor venue for weddings. Its capacity is 80-100 persons. From the machicolation running along the inner side of the bastion you can enjoy an exciting view of the city.

Dobó Bastion Terrace

The terrace of the Dobó Bastion provides a breathtaking view of Eger’s city centre, which is increased by the relative narrowness of the parapet wall that allows you to see all the way down to the bottom of the castle wall. The terrace faces west, it’s an ideal outdoor venue for a wonderful summer evening wedding. Its capacity is 100 persons.

Szép Bastion

The Szép Bastion, also known by the more popular name of Calvary Hill, was used as a cavalier originally. It is the highest point of Eger Castle. From its top you can see an unparalleled view of the Castle and the city, as well as the Bükk Mountains. Its maximum capacity is 120 persons.

Medieval cathedral, Ruin Garden

The ruins of the roman style basilica provide a venue for outdoor programmes, such as wedding ceremonies and classical music concerts. The foundation walls of the former building of the Rotunda or baptising church evoke the earliest memories of construction works commissioned by the Bishops. The outdoor area has a diameter of seven metres and it is protected with roof. It is a suitable venue for wedding ceremonies and baptisms.


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