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Permanent programmes

Egri Programok

Guided tour in the Castle Yard

Reenactment enthusiasts dressed in historically authentic clothes present the life of border fortress knights and the daily lives of the heroes of Eger.

With the participation of our reenactors of the Ottoman era, visitors can discover the scenes of the famous 1552 siege and the novel "Eclipse of the Crescent Moon" by walking among the castle walls, they can learn about the lives of border fortress soldiers and the thousand-year-long history of the Castle. During the tour they can hear about the famous women of Eger and their heroic deeds during the siege.

The tour is only in Hungarian language!

 Groups are organised at the Information Point!


Permanent programme element:

At 15:52 celebratory cannon fire commemorating the victory!

Guided exhibition tour in the countermine galleries.

The most exciting parts of Eger Castle are the countermine tunnels of the casemate system. These tunnels were constructed in the 1570s simultaneously with the castle walls, thus safe underground passages were created for the Castle’s defenders between the bastions.

Guided exhibition tour with a HUF 500 and HUF 300 supplementary ticket.

The tour is only in Hungarian language!

Group are organised at thickets can be purchased at the Information Point.