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3300, Eger, Vár 1.
Tel.: +36/36/312-744
E-mail: varmuzeum@egrivar.hu


We welcome visitors to the Eger Castle with diverse programmes and events all year long: memorable days, a summer of festivals and History up close.


The István Dobó Castle Museum aspires to be a scientific center and to present the culture and legacy of our history through its exhibitions in a way filled with experiences.


The indoor and outdoor venues of the Eger Castle are excellently suitable for the organization of marvelous weddings, team building training courses, and conferences in a historic fortress environment.

In the 16th century the Castle of Eger was an important stronghold in the fortress system of the Hungarian Kingdom, which was divided into three portions because of Ottoman occupation, and served as the “shield of Europe”. The most famous event in its thousand years long history was the siege of 1552, when the two thousand men strong defending force led by István Dobó managed to repel a Turkish army nearly thirty times larger. The contemporary cronicler, Sebestyén Tinódi Lantos, was the first to commemorate the victory in his historical songs, which became a central part of our national heritage through many additional works of literatura and the fine arts. The role of the defenders of Eger in Hungarian hero-worship culture was further strengthened by the highly popular novel written by Géza Gárdonyi, entitled the “Eclipse of the Crescent Moon” and also by the films based on it.